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Before I met the English Language Coach, people would ask me to repeat what I just said to them. Not anymore. Right after my 4th session, I attended an event where I was complimented multiple times, by various people, for the good command of English that I now have.
This is a testament to Scottie’s coaching skills.
— Teow-Hin Ngair, CEO and Founder SecureAge Technology
Scottie helped me to tackle my “French bad accent” before a 5 minute investor pitch and an 8 minute Q&A at Fish 2.0. By focusing on my specific pronunciation difficulties, she helped me to find the words that were easier for me to say and also took less time to say.

It was not really easy at first; at times it was like gymnastics for my mouth! In just three practice sessions, she gave me exercises to make the correct sounds, assessed my presentation and corrected my pronunciation in a very supportive an effective way. I had greater confidence and it worked!

Scottie’s personalized accent reduction work is perfect for anyone presenting or doing business in English as their second or third language.
— Frederic Viala, President and Founder, Entofood

Scottie’s English Language Coaching has significantly helped me to prepare for presentations, special events and email correspondence. I highly recommend her for personalized language coaching.
— Xiaojie, Graphic Designer
“I have no problem being understood in English but I wanted to take my pitches to the next level and sound like a native before I landed in Silicon Valley.

Scottie’s sessions are awesome! I’ve only worked with her a couple of times and with each session I’ve learned a number of valuable insights and tips for improving the content and pronunciation. After our first meeting, I won a competition in New York! Scottie’s coaching definitely enhanced my pitch prep. I highly recommend her.”
— David Simonarson, CEO, Watchbox

"Scottie's accent reduction training is like Tai Chi or Yoga for my tongue."

I have learned that in the business scene, pronunciation is the key to creating good impressions for the clients...through the training, I noticed that I am much more conscious of my pronunciation and that has made me more confident and productive. I highly recommend Scottie as a language and accent coach.
— Shinya Ito, Software Engineer at Terrace Software, Inc.
I am a French native speaker working in an international environment. When I moved to San Francisco, I wanted to sound more “native” and communicate more effectively in everyday business situations including public speaking opportunities. I took classes with Scottie for 6 months. She’s a wonderful teacher—the perfect choice if you’re interested in accent reduction and general improvement of your English skills. She gave me the best tips to accelerate progress and helped me understand my mistakes. I highly recommend her.
— Cyril D, Entrepreneur
I have been in the U.S. for 25 years and have tried other “accent reduction” training, which did not achieve the result that I anticipated. I have always wanted to take my English to the next level but could not find a promising course until I was introduced to the English Language Coach.
Scottie has taught me more about how the language works and has given me specific tips for listening and speaking that really work. She identified my problem areas and worked closely with me to successfully reduce my accent when pronouncing the most difficult words for me to say in English. In addition, Scottie is great at identifying common grammatical pitfalls and helped me to correct them.
I found tips that Scottie taught me have helped me to create new habits and provided a continuous process for improving in my speaking. The most important thing is that her coaching is working!
— Tan Tan, FSA, MAAA, Senior Actuarial Director
I hired Scottie to refine my public speaking skills. I had the honor of doing a reading at a dear friend’s wedding, and I wanted to be sure that it was delivered perfectly.
Scottie taught me several valuable techniques to optimize my delivery. I am a native English speaker with a fair amount of public speaking experience; however, I generally make scientific and medical presentations, and the hallmark speaking tone in those arenas is “serious and technical.” Thankfully, Scottie taught me the technique of speaking with a “smile in my voice.” This allowed me to express the joy that I felt for their wedding. These public speaking coach sessions were insightful, and she understood exactly what I was trying to say and she taught me how to deliver those thoughts in a memorable and elegant way.
Spending time on refining the techniques of oral presentation and speech delivery is important, and Scottie is an expert in this sphere of communication. Even today, I continue to use her techniques when I am asked to stand up and address a group.
I was so impressed with her coaching that my son also hired her to prep him for his “Best Man’s” toast at another wedding!
— Ralph Koenker, MD, Chief of Staff, Novato Community Hospital
I worked with Scottie before an investor pitch to pronounce my most difficult words in English with confidence. This was extremely important as I had only 90 seconds to pitch in front of investors. I was able to reduce the risk of misunderstanding due to my accent in just 3 sessions.

It worked and I received the highest votes for that segment of the competition!

Scottie also helped me prepare for investor questions and made important observations about my company’s web site. She is a pro and I recommend her English Language Coaching to anyone who has to conduct business in English!

As a matter of fact, I plan to continue working with her in the future to improve my overall effectiveness while doing business in English.
— Javier Donoso, Founder and CEO of Geomar