Scottie Spurzem - The English Language Coach


I am the English Language Coach.  I help international business people communicate more effectively and comfortably in American English.  I do this virtually or in person in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a native speaker of American English, a CELTA certified teacher and a former Investor Relations Consultant, I help people gain the confidence needed to improve and master their conversations, presentations, emails et al in English.

Accent management is key to intelligibility and thus pronunciation training has become a primary focus of my personalized sessions.  I focus on helping my clients learn how our language system works and then how to put it into action with relevant vocabulary, correct pronunciation, grammar and interpersonal nuances.

I work with business professionals, doctors, entrepreneurs and graduate students either in one-on-one coaching or in small group sessions virtually or in person in the San Francisco Bay Area.


After retiring from investor relations consulting and following my passion to teach English as a second-language, I started teaching part-time at different language schools. I soon realized that many people trying to learn English need help with only a few specific things, which I tend to identify quickly. I've begun my English Language Coaching to do just that. I focus on accent reduction and topic-specific vocabulary to help non-native speakers quickly and intelligibly speak American English.

More About Me:

+ CELTA Trained English Teacher

  • Private American English coaching
  • ESL Teaching experience at ELS Language Centers, at E.C. Language School and at Canal Alliance


  • University of California at Berkeley: Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, Berkeley Engineering


  • Corporate, investor, customer & executive suite experience
  • Past clients: Charles Schwab, Bank of America, Autodesk, & more


  • Fish 2.0 Competition
  • BMoE (Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship) Bootcamp
  • Visionaria Leadership Institute (Peru)

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